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The ACJR is a professional body that recognises the best journalism and research on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.We are now accepting members. You can apply to be a member here.

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About the ACJR

The ACJR is a professional body that recognises the best journalism and research on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.The ACJR recognises that free markets are inextricably linked to the freedom of information.We promote excellence in journalism and research in the field; support colleagues in the field; educate the industry on best practices; and explain the field to those learning about it.

The ACJR's officers for 2022 are:

  • Joanna Ossinger, President

  • Sam Reynolds, Vice President

  • Pete Rizzo, Co-Treasurer

  • Mitchell Moos, Co-Treasurer

  • David Canellis, Secretary

  • Marina Spindler, Community Co-Lead

  • Vinamrata Chaturvedi, Community Co-Lead

The ACJR is a non-profit organization that is being registered as a 501 C (6) organisation in the state of New York, in the United States of America.The ACJR is governed by its bylaws and its officers abide by a conflict of interest policy.

Our founding interim officers for 2021 were:

  • Leigh Cuen, Co-President

  • Joon Ian Wong, Co-President

  • Pete Rizzo, Co-Treasurer

  • Molly Jane Zuckerman, Co-Secretary

  • Zack Seward, Co-Secretary

  • Michael del Castillo stepped down as Co-Treasurer due to personal commitments.


The ACJR has been funded by the collective contributions in capital, time and effort by its founding members. The organization thanks them.

Michael del Castillo — Associate editor, Forbes

Leigh Cuen — Independent journalist

Pete Rizzo — Editor at large, Kraken

Molly Jane Zuckerman — Content manager, CoinMarketCap

Camila Russo — Founder, The Defiant

Jon Rice — Editor in chief, Cointelegraph

Laura Shin — Founder, Unchained

Michael McSweeney — Managing editor, The Block

Joon Ian Wong — Independent journalist and researcher

Zack Seward — Managing editor, CoinDesk

Josh Quittner — Editor in chief, Decrypt

Joanna Ossinger — Editor, Bloomberg

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash